Know that your support will continue making a difference in the future

Gifts in Wills
If your life has been enhanced by the joy of music, please consider leaving a gift in your will to BFC. We can the ensure that the next generation of audience and singers can also enjoy what you have loved. 

Gifts in Memory
An ‘In Memoriam’ gift to BFC is a wonderful way to remember a family member or dear friend. This could support a particular concert, an annual bursary, or a project close to the heart of the person being remembered. 

‘BFC has been part of my life for nearly 40 years - I want it continue long after I’ve gone’
Anonymous Legacy Pledge

‘Having the concert dedicated to my beloved sister, Fiona, was a wonderful way to celebrate her 35 year membership of the Chorus’'
Catherine Rankin  

Please talk to your solicitor about making any changes to your will or contact development@bfc.org.uk for further information.

Your support will allow us to flourish in our own right. It would free us from being a 'choir for hire' and instead give us the opportunity to develop our own innovative and creative programmes. This would help us to our goal of becoming the UK’s preeminent symphony chorus, as well as finding a new and bigger audience for our work. Thank you – we look forward to welcoming you at our concerts

James Morgan, BFC Music Director